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ONLINE - Inventory service
This is a subscription-based service that will allow you to access information for different collectibles and will help you create an inventory to organize and track your collectibles right online.

While online, you will be able to search and find specific items. Once you locate your item, you will see that all of the information has already been provided for you:

  • Full-color photos
  • Product descriptions and details
  • Marks
  • Original prices
  • Current Secondary Market Values (SMV)
All the work has been done for you! All you need to do is add each item into your personal collection list! You will be able to customize the information to be specific to your item, along with the flexibility to choose which value you would like associated with your item: Low, Average or High, or fill in your own estimated value.

It's fun and easy!

PRICE: $29.95/one year, $18.95 annual updates

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ONLINE - Values Only
This is a use-based service that will allow you to access a block of our secondary market values for a particular collectible.

You will be able to purchase a block of values, either 10 or 25. Once you have accessed these values, your access will end until you decide to purchase another block of values. You will have up to one year to view the block of values that you have purchased.

With Values Only access, you will be able to browse through the lists of different collections without being charged a value. The information that you will be able to access free of charge includes INTRO YEAR, SIZE, and DIMENSION. Once you click MORE DETAILS or click onto a title of a specific item, you will gain access to the rest of the itemís information, including photos and current market values. At that point, you will be charged one of your values.

PLEASE NOTE: It takes 24 hours to establish initial access to this service.
PRICE: $6.95/10 values, $12.95/25 values

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