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Our Service

This is a subscription-based service that will allow you to access information from our current database of information. While online, you will be able to search and find your specific item by browsing through collections or doing a search. Once you locate your item, the following information is provided:

  • Full-color photos
  • Product descriptions and details
  • Dimensions
  • Accessories offered
  • Original prices
  • Current Market Values (may be additional cost for some accounts)

All the work has been done for you! If you have an 'Inventory' account, you just click to add each item into your personal collection list! You will be able to customize the information to be specific to your item, along with the flexibility to choose which value you would like associated with your item.


Our Goal

As fellow collectors, our goal is to further the collectibility of these beautiful items by educating collectors about the history of the pieces as well as providing information on the current secondary market.


Our Research

The product information we provide is collected from a variety of sources. We are not directly associated with the different manufacturers so while we have a very good relationship with each, we spend a great deal of time collecting the information from both public and private resources.

The market values provided are also from various resources in the secondary market. Some are based on actual selling transactions that are reported to us or collected through collectors, dealers, auctioneers and the like. Other more rare items which are harder to find actual transactions for are evaluated based on the supply and the demand in the secondary market for each item. For each update provided, hundreds of hours are logged and thousands of transactions are reviewed to provide as accurate of a view of the market as possible.


Our Features

Easy to use!

  • We've done all the work for you!
  • If you can send and receive email, you can do this!
  • Nothing to install! Nothing to update!
  • Unlimited FREE TECH SUPPORT offered via email our online LIVE CHAT

Customizable to your needs!

  • Unlimited reports available with all 'Inventory' accounts
  • Customize your subscription based on your budget and collecting needs
  • Reports can be printed, emailed or saved for safe keeping
  • Stay online and continue to collect with us or come offline whenever you want

Information is up-to-date and accurate!

  • Information updates annually with some collectibles updating 2-4 times a year

Not just a service, but a Community!

  • List items for sale or browse the NEW sales board for items you’ve been missing


Our Pricing

We offer a variety of options set up to meet your needs. For more information about our pricing for each of the services offered, choose a collectible from the PRICE GUIDE menu at the top of the page.


Our Promotions

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How It Works

Once you choose to subscribe and go through the registration process, you will be given a login ID and password to access your account. Collectibles Database Online is a web-based service so there is nothing to install and nothing to ‘save’ to your computer.   It is accessible from every device that has access to the internet and is accessible on both PC and Mac platforms. There are no compatibility or memory requirements outside of what is required for you to access the internet.  

The ‘Values + Inventory’ service is an annual subscription and is automatically renewed unless cancelled prior to renewal.

The ‘Values Only’ service is limited to the number of values that are purchased and does not have the ability to create an inventory or run reports.


Longaberger (Bentley)

Inclusive of Longaberger items from 1978 thru current day, as well as J.W. Originals from the 1900s.

Longaberger (Bentley) services »

Boyds Plush

Inclusive of items from 1985 thru current day.

Boyds Plush services »

Boyds Resin

Our Boyds Resin Online is inclusive of items from 1993 thru current day.

Boyds Resin services »

Cherished Teddies

Inclusive of items from 1992 thru current day.

Cherished Teddies services »

D56 Villages

Includes Village pieces and accessories from 1976 thru current day.

D56 Villages services »

D56 Snow

Includes information for both Snowbabies and Snowbunnies and is inclusive from 1985 thru current day.

D56 Snow services »


Inclusive of Ornaments from 1973 thru current day.

Hallmark services »

Precious Moments

Inclusive of items from 1976 thru current day. We do not research Gift Line items, although they can be easily added and tracked in your inventory account.

Precious Moments services »