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Boyds Bears Joins Forces with the American Cancer Society in the Fight against Cancer

August 30, 2005 05:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time GETTYSBURG, Pa.

What started out as one state's vision has turned into a national phenomenon for a great cause. The Boyds Collection Ltd. (NYSE: FOB) is proud to announce today that the company has entered into an agreement with the American Cancer Society to produce an exclusive, limited-edition plush teddy bear for incorporation into the American Cancer Society's 2006 Daffodil Days fundraiser.

Daffodil Days benefits the Society's ongoing fight against cancer. Daffodils are considered to be not only a sign of spring, but also a bright symbol of hope that cancer can and will be conquered. Since 1973, American Cancer Society Divisions across the United States have offered bunches of these cheerful, bright yellow blooms to raise funds for cancer research, education, and programs for cancer patients and their families.

The idea of incorporating a collector-quality Boyds Bear into Daffodil Days first came about in 2004 when the Society's Pennsylvania Division approached Boyds, a Pennsylvania-based company, with the idea that offering one of the plush animal and giftware company's world-famous and widely loved bears would increase contributions for their "Bear and a Bunch" promotion.

Contributions for 2005 were five times more than those received in 2004, with requests for the bears coming from all over the country.

"After seeing the huge positive impact that including a Boyds Bear in the Pennsylvania program made, we knew this could be the start of something huge," said Jan Murley, chief executive officer of Boyds. "We are always pleased to put the quality, popularity and power of the Boyds brand to work for a great cause whenever we can. All of the folks at Boyds are very excited over the prospect of helping in the fight against cancer in a big, national way."

"The American Cancer Society is pleased to collaborate with Boyds Bears," said Thomas G. Burish, PhD, chair of the American Cancer Society's national board of directors and provost of Notre Dame University. "Through the Boyds exclusive, limited-edition bear, this year named 'Flowers R. Hope,' the American Cancer Society's Bear and a Bunch promotion will help us continue to raise the level of awareness about the importance of colorectal cancer screening tests in communities nationwide." Boyds' exclusive, 2006 limited-edition bear is a 12-inch tall, oatmeal-colored plush bean-filled bear with green eyes featuring a specially-designed yellow, green, and red plaid neck ribbon and daffodil. It also includes American Cancer Society embroidery on each of its footpads.

The Bear and a Bunch package will be available during traditional Daffodil Days campaigns in March to coincide with the first day of spring. Pre-orders for the Bear and a Bunch will be taken in January and February. Contributions made toward the Bear and a Bunch package will support the American Cancer Society's community programs and services. To date, eight of the 14 divisions of the American Cancer Society have agreed to participate in the fundraiser. All Boyds Retailers in participating American Cancer Society regions will be given the chance to serve as Daffodil Days volunteers. The many organizations, businesses, and individuals serving as Daffodil Days volunteers throughout the United States serve as contact points for requests for daffodils and the Bear and a Bunch package.

Boyds is pleased to be able to lend a hand to a worthy cause like Daffodil Days. A proud supporter of the American Cancer Society on the local, regional, and national levels, Boyds looks forward to collaborating with the American Cancer Society in helping to fund the fight against cancer, something that affects us all, for many years to come.

About Boyds The Boyds Collection Ltd. is a domestic designer, importer, and distributor of branded plush and giftware products. The company sells its products through a large and diverse network comprised of independent gift and collectibles retailers, department stores, select catalogue retailers and other electronic and retail channels. The company launched its first retail operation, Boyds Bear Country, a Unique Entertainment and Retail Experience in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, in 2002 and has recently expanded with a second location in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Founded in 1979, Boyds has successfully developed a strong niche and brand identity because of its affordably priced, "Folksy with Attitude" products.

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