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Interest in collecting Longaberger Baskets and Pottery has increased in recent years due to their increasing value, both inherently and monetarily. Due to this interest, there is a need for reliable and accurate information about the value and identification of Longaberger Baskets and Pottery. As more Longaberger products are produced, keeping this information updated is essential, which is where the Bentley Collection Guide was born.
New Longaberger Baskets can be obtained through Sales Consultants, usually through home parties.  The baskets are ordered from the Wish List containing products currently available directly from The Longaberger Company. Some event or tour baskets can be purchased at the Longaberger Homestead or through various events. If you are interested in ordering a regular line basket but do not know a Consultant, contact The Longaberger Company at (800) 966-0374 to be directed to a Consultant in your area.
Collector and specialty baskets are available only for a limited time throughout the year. For example, the 1992 Christmas Collection Season's Greeting™ Basket was offered only from September through December 1992. After this, the basket was no longer available from Longaberger. These older Longaberger items can only be obtained on the Secondary Market, which is made up of collectors wanting to buy and sell these retired products.
The Secondary Market is made up of various sources, including but not limited to online auctions, live event auctions, dealers, collectors, tag sales, garage sales and the like.  There is a listing of the various services in our Directory of Secondary Market Resources that we have found to be available for collectors to buy and sell their baskets.