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Fabric liners

About Longaberger ...

The accessory for the baskets that is made of fabric is called the 'liner' ... plastic is 'protector', fabric is 'liner'.  Longaberger basket liners came on the seen in 1985 with the first liner being for the Christmas Cookie basket.  It wasn't until 1991 that liners became a regular accessory offered.

Longaberger liners come in many different fabrics and styles and not all fabrics are available for all baskets. The available fabrics range from solid colors to colorful patterns. Seasonal fabrics are offered for a short time and are usually limited to the basket being promoted at the time and perhaps to a few additional regular line baskets.  There are also coordinating fabrics that appear in limited variations, usually as an inverse to the main fabric.  Most fabrics are exclusive to Longaberger, with the exception of the very early years when liners were first offered.  Longaberger learned quickly the need for exclusivity as many third parties would purchase non-exclusive fabrics and sell their own liners out of the same fabrics.

Liner styles have changed over the years ... different types include Stand-Up (Cord, Ruffle, or Pleated Ruffle), Over-the-Edge (Fitted, Ruffle, Pleated Ruffle, Binding, Button, Ties, Bow Ties, or Velcro), Napin or fold-over and custom (made by 3rd parties). Authentic Longaberger liners usually have exclusive product labels sewn into the seam of the liner. 

Additional basket fabric accessories have also been offered over the years, however they have not held the same value in the market.  These other accessories included garters (small, medium, and large) and handle grippers as well as coordinating fabric accessories, such as table runners, table cloths, napkins, placemats, chair pads, valances, pillows, shower curtains, kitchen mitts, and lamp shades.   In our database, liners are listed as an accessory to the baskets (not as a separate file) while most of these home accessories are not listed at all.  The reason for this decision is that most of these home accessories are not real active in the secondary market, therefore are not considered 'collectible'.  If you have these items, the can be manually added into your inventory using the 'add-item' feature.  FAQ:  /how-to-manually-add-an-item