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About Precious Moments ...

Precious Moments figurines from the Hamilton Collection are not currently included in our database of Precious Moments items.  The Hamilton Collection is a licensee of the Precious Moments brand; therefore these pieces are not produced by PMI, but by The Hamilton Collection.  Many of the Hamilton Collection pieces are resin.  While some are porcelain, it is usually a lighter porcelain than what PMI uses for their collectibles.  They have never been considered part of the PM collectibles and are not often seen for sale through the secondary market dealers or other markets where the Precious Moments Collectible is active.  We aren't sure why this is other than Precious Moments Collectors are mostly interested in items produced by PMI/Enesco. 

The Hamilton Collection does sell some cute pieces and if you have any of these pieces in your collection, you can add them into your inventory through the 'manual add' feature.  See our FAQ entitled 'how to manually add an item' for specific instructions.