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Value of an error?

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Items with manufacturing errors -- an item released with a different color than it was supposed to have, mistake in weave pattern, missing stamp -- these irregularities have created a special collecting niche in the market as the are hard to find.  Such errors will add to value, in some cases significantly.  If we are aware of the error, we will list within the description how much to add to the value.  Or in most cases, this feature will move the value from 'average' to 'high'.


In the Longaberger collectible, 'seconds' are very common and are usually marked with a large black or red 'X' on the bottom of the piece, or sometimes the logo, date or signature is marked through with marker.  Seconds are items that failed quality control and at one time were said to be destroyed.  But with the introduction of the Factory Stores, the Company has released many items into these stores to be sold at discount.  While these items are always functional, the secondary market has been pretty consistent in valuing these items below original price, thus making them not considered to be a collectible.