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How to add another collectible

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The cost to add-on an additional collectible to your account is $18.95 per collectible. Each renews separately on an annual basis and also has the same 'automatically renewing' status as your original account. All of the same terms of service exist for any additional collectibles.

To add on an additional collectible to an existing account follow these steps:

1. Log into your account

2. From the PRICE GUIDE menu, choose the collectible you would like to add

3. When the pricing page opens, choose if you want to add a VALUES ONLY account, or a VALUES & INVENTORY account by reviewing the features and clicking SIGN UP! at the bottom of the appropriate column.

4. Confirm your choices in the order page, adding on any other feature you wish to include (ie. Sales Board, ID Tool)

5. Once all information is confirmed and you payment method chosen, click SIGN UP!

That should do it!  You will have immediate access to the new collectible.  When you click the PRICE GUIDE menu, you should now see it listed under the 'active' section of that menu.