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Longaberger ID Tool

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Not sure what basket you have?  Remember the days when the collectible was so small we could just remember EVERYTHING!?!  Long gone are those days!

The ID TOOL is a wonderful ID tool that can help you identify your item using the physical attributes right before you: dimensions, shape, year and color.  By simply using any variation of these parameters, the tool is designed to use the same method we use to help Collectors identify their baskets over the phone.  Fun and easy! Try it out!


As with any search of a database, if your first search presents no results, try removing a few parameters and try again.  This is especially important when using colors as the color you note on the basket may not be the actual color documented; i.e. Dresden blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Navy, Cornflower are all colors of 'blue'.
This tool is designed to search dimensions within a 1/2 inch of anything entered.  Since we are dealing with hand-made items, it is very common for measurements to vary up to a 1/2 inch in any direction.
When measuring your baskets, do not include handles.  Measurements are based on the forms used to create the basket, so think 'size of the form' when measuring.  For height, we measure from top of trim strip to bottom of basket.  Sloped baskets have a 'front height' and 'back height'; use front height for this tool.  For measuring width and length, use the opening of the basket, not the bottom.
In the 'year' field, enter the year on the bottom of your basket or on the commemorative tag, if applicable.  In some cases, baskets can be dated outside the year they were promoted; i.e. made in December when sold/promoted in January.  If when entering a year and your item does not come up, try backing up a year to see if that works.