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PM: Production Mark: Mickey Ears

About Precious Moments ...

Each porcelain bisque Precious Moments figurine has what’s known as an annual production mark located on the bottom of it. Traditionally this production mark helps to identify the year that the piece was produced. For the Disney Showcase pieces (pieces sold actually in Disney stores), this PMI production mark is sometimes replaced with a 'Mickey Ears' mark. This is not an official 'PMI' production mark because it is offered over various years and does not identify the year of production.  Technically these pieces are considered to have 'no mark'. But since the embossed symbol is there, it should be selected in the list of values associated with your piece.

If your Disney Showcase piece has this mark but you do not see it in the list of possible symbols, please let us know.  Because these marks are not on every Disney piece, we do not always know which ones are released with this mark.

If your Disney piece has BOTH the 'mickey ears' and the traditional PM production mark, choose the PM production mark in the list of values because those are the ones that identify the year of production.

If you have any questions, please contact us!