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PM: Value of a signature

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Nothing is more fun than turning over a piece to discover it has been signed!!  But what does a signature add to the value of the piece? A lot depends on WHO the signature is and WHAT piece it's on.   

We can give you some guidelines, but it also very much depends on the market and what the buyer is willing to add.  As general guidelines, we have seen that if the piece is a rare piece and it has Sam Butcher’s signature on it, you might be able to add maybe $50 to the value. If the figurine has all three of the original trio signatures (Sam Butcher, Gene Freedman and Yasuhei Fujioka), you could add up to $100 for the three signatures.  If the signature is from any of the newer sculptors, maybe $15 to $25, depending on the piece.  

One thing to note about signatures is that occasionally, a piece is manufactured automatically with a signature on it.  This was the case with many 'Jonathan & David' pieces before Enesco took over production.  Having the 'Jonathan & David' signature on these pieces will not add any additional value to the piece because ALL of those particular pieces came with that manufactured signature.  The signatures that add value are the ones that have been hand-written and obtained through a personal encounter with the person who is signing the piece.
Within this service there is a field where signatures can be documented, as well as another field where you can enter the additional value to add to the market value.  You can find these fields within the page that allows you to customize your item as you enter it into your inventory.  Any amounts added for signatures will then be automatically added into the total value on your reports.