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What does that little annual production mark on the bottom of my Precious Moments figurine mean anyway?

Each porcelain bisque Precious Moments figurine has what’s known as an annual production mark located on the bottom of it. This strange little mark can be quite helpful in identifying the actual year a specific figurine was made. Except for a few early releases, the symbol is slightly imprinted into the porcelain. Occasionally, a yearly production mark is missing from a figurine, which can impact its value, often favorably.

The value of a Precious Moments figurine is usually, but not always, slightly higher if you have the first year mark, meaning a figurine that was produced in its first year. This holds true with older figurines produced in the first decade, but isn’t nearly as important with figurines from more recent years.

Don’t confuse the production mark with the copyright date on the bottom. The copyright date is the date the artwork was actually copyrighted. Production usually starts later that year or the following year. How long a specific figurine design remains in production is determined by many factors, including whether or not it’s a limited edition, and how popular it’s with consumers.

Several other special production marks not included in my chart have been used on occasion too. They include a diamond, rosebud, several different flags, as well as various decals representing organizations such as Easter Seals, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Walt Disney Showcase, among numerous others.

The Precious Moments “Little Moments” collection is an exception when it comes to production marks. This grouping of smaller sized figurines was made for several years and didn't include the annual symbols on the bottom. Also, Precious Moments giftware and accessory merchandise lack the mark.

The production marks on the porcelain dolls are usually found on the back of the neck.

Click HERE to see the full-sized Precious Moments production mark chart.


January 2013