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Prices vs. Values

About collecting ...

The market values listed within the Collectibles Database are compiled after reviewing and considering ALL types of active markets.  We consider markets with high supply, like eBay and other auction environments, as well as the markets with lower supply of items and higher demand, such as individual collectors, dealers and tag sales.  We review actual selling prices, as well as asking prices and do also consider shipping costs when an item is rare and can not be obtained without that cost. 

Our goal is to represent the VALUE of the item, regardless of the economy, meaning that we believe many items have a value that does not change with economic conditions.  Supply and demand directly affect price and value of an item, but there are so many more parameters that can affect the market that are temporary and therefore should not be considered in determining an item's value.

To determine which market value to apply to your item, see our FAQ entitled 'Valuing your item'.