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Per the Terms of Service, all inventory subscriptions renew automatically unless cancelled. So unless there is a problem, your account should renew without needing to do anything on your part.  You will receive an email a week prior to renewal to remind you that it's about to be processed and to give you a chance to cancel, should you want to do so.  These emails sometimes get caught up in SPAM filters, so please consider adding the email address '' to your address book to help our communications get through.


If you know you will not want to automatically renew, you can choose to cancel the account at any time but will still have access through the entirety of the paid subscription (see FAQ: Cancel my subscription).  **IMPORTANT** If your account does not auto-renew, any inventory is at risk of being lost or purged.  Please follow the steps to save a backup and run any final reports before closing your account, in case you ever wish to return.


If during the auto renewal the payment for the account is declined, access to the collectible being renewed will end and an email will be sent to let you know of the issue.  To reactivate your account, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account, you will enter at your account Dashboardl
  2. Locate the collectible you wish to renew
  3. Click UNCANCEL (if those words are not there, continue to step 4)
  4. Then click RENEW ... the pricing page will open.  Scroll to bottom of the VALUES + INVENTORY column and click RENEW
  5. Once invoice page opens, work your way down the page confirming and providing any new information. If you need to change or update the credit card on file, you can do that during the checkout process.  For increased security, you will not be able to modify any cards on file ... you can only add new ones and delete old ones.
  6. At bottom of the page, agree to Terms of Service and click SIGN UP!