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Stop auto renewals

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The terms of this service include that all accounts are 'automatically renewed' unless canceled prior to renewal. The reason for this approach is because most accounts have inventory associated with them and if an account is closed or canceled, this inventory is at risk of being purged from our servers and hours of work could be lost if a renewal is inadvertantly overlooked.

For this reason, accounts can not be canceled without permission of the user or unless payment is not received.

If you wish to take this risk on your own, you can opt out of the auto-renewals by choosing to cancel your account within your dashboard and then marking your own calendar to manually renew when it is time. When you click 'cancel' within your dashboard, you will still have access to the account for the duration of your subscription with access ending on your anniversary date (also noted in your dashboard). If you choose to 'uncancel' at any time, it simply removes this auto-end from your account and it should renew automatically, as normal.

Again, the risk of cancelling your account is that if you should forget to renew, your inventory is at risk of being purged without notice.  Email reminders are also not sent to cancelled accounts, so you will need to make sure you've documented the anniversary date on your own.  As always, we recommend regular backups to insure that information can be reinstated to your account should renewals be missed or anything unseen happen to your account that could cause data to be lost.

To learn how to backup your account, please review the FAQ on creating a backup.  It's easy and fast!