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Putting the fun back into collecting

If you are like us, you are resolved to organize your life and your home this year. And for many of us, organizing our beloved collections usually ranks at the top of our 'Need To Do' lists!

We have heard from many collectors over the years that their collections have, quite literally, spun out of control with baskets piling up in just about every nook and cranny of their home and figurines pushing to the edge of the shelves!  Have no fear!  Now is the perfect time to attack the task and with the help of the Collectibles Database Online, we can easily help you determine what you have, need, want and wish from your collection.
So, where does one start on their quest for organizational contentment? Good question. The answer is simple — start small!
You may have items scattered throughout your home. Many are probably being used and others displayed and still others stacked on shelves out of sight and out of mind. No problem! Just use the following simple steps to keep your collection manageable, organized and most important, safe!  Make this the year to get organized!!


If you have never inventoried your collection, do not panic! Again, start small. Try starting by going room to room, corner to corner identifying items and adding them to your inventory.  With the Collectibles Database, it's easy to move between different collections so while it's not necessary to tackle one collection at a time, some do choose that approach. Whatever you do, it is not recommended to empty all your shelves all into one room and work through the pile until it's done.  Doing it that way could make the task even more overwhelming, not to mention put a panic through others in your home who had no idea you had so many!!!


As you are touching the items, it's a good time to clean them before putting them back.  Once you have completed your inventory, keep items you are not using in a cool, dry place. It is also a good idea to save your product cards and care instructions. These items can easily be stored in a Recipe Basket or in a plastic container with a lid.


Everyone knows it's more fun when you invite a friend!  Who do you know that could join you in this task?  Someone who also collects?  A good friend who would enjoy the stories behind each purchase?  Maybe the Consultant or Dealer who knows you well?  Maybe agree to help with their collection once yours is finished.  Many hands make light work and fun memories in the process!


Now that you have an accurate listing of what Longaberger products you have, give a copy of the inventory to your insurance agent. Your collectibles are assets and should be protected under your homeowner’s insurance, or may need an additional rider to your policy.  See FAQ: INSURANCE TIPS under 'About Collecting'.


It may also be a great time to get rid of any items you no longer use or need. Why not consider having a tag sale or begin selling items online? Not only will you make room for new products, you may also earn a little extra cash!


While not always necessary, it may be a good idea to get into the habit of revisiting your inventory at least once a year.  If your inventory doesn't change each year, then you're probably okay to revisit every other year.  But with a Collectibles Database Online account, it's always good to log in, review a report, and modify as needed and run a new back-up. Since the market values are updated automatically, if there are no changes, all you need to do for insurance is print a new report and send it over to your agent.  If you do not have an online account with us, be sure to keep a duplicate copy of whatever inventory list you have created in a safe place that can be easy accessed and modified as needed.