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Unfortunately with the decline in economy, many markets to buy and sell collectibles have closed down.  We do have a Sales Board feature on this site which will allow subscribers to post items for sale for other Collectors to view.  Because collector-to-collector is always the best way to get the most out of any collectible, we’re hoping that this will help provide an environment for Collectors to connect. 

We do also have a list of resources on our website that will give you a place to start.  However, please do not take any of these as actual endorsements.  While we have known these sources for many years, we do not buy/sell directly in the market so we encourage you to fully investigate their reputation and policies before working with any of them.  Here is the link to that resource list: Secondary Market Resources



With the economy right now, there is not a lot of discretionary income left in the budget. And when there is, it is being used towards debt or other more essential needs, not for home decor.  In addition to this reality, you have many people selling their items to help create more cashflow.  This equation results in a high supply of items in the market, but a low demand for them, which in turn lowers prices.  If you have common items, now is just not a good time to sell.  If you have items that are unique or have features that may set it a part from the other items out there, then you might do okay. 

Generally speaking, it’s going to be hard to get the ‘High’ value for anything right now; however, the ‘average’ value is still obtainable. You may need to be willing to take the time to find the market that has a lower supply of your specific item so that the demand and price willing to pay will be higher.  Another tip, take the time to identify any features your item may have that make it ‘more than average’.  Remember that you are competing with a lot of items in the market right now, so you may have to do some marketing to convince the buyers out there that yours is the best choice for them.  The Collector is still out there, but they are just very picky because they can be. Sellers have also recently started to no longer let their items go for nothing, so overall activity is down.

There are many motivations to selling a collection.  If yours is to get rid of them quickly, then you have to understand there is a premium to be paid for that convenience of being done quickly and there are many avenues that will help you do this (auction, garage sale).  However, if you want the best price, understand that it may take more time to find the right buyer in the right circumstance for you to obtain that goal.


As a buyer in today’s market, you are likely to find wonderful products at terrific prices. Deals can be found everywhere: auctions (both online and in neighborhoods), garage sales, dealers, collector-to-collector! Some of the most interesting transactions reported to us have come from tag sales and garage sales where the buyer found a great basket for a fraction of its value!


Generally speaking, there are a couple of concerns in the collectibles industry.  The first is for the 'aging base' of collectors.  This means there are fewer and fewer young people collecting items.  A great deal of this is due to our culture, which has become a 'disposable' people and tend to throw things out easily rather than carrying for them or handing items down from generation-to-generation.  Another issue with the culture is how we do not spend time with each other as earlier generations once did.  I first started collecting because I would go with my Mom to auctions to hunt for Hummels.  As I spent time with her in these adventures, I grew to love the items because they reminded me of that time spent with her.  As our culture gets more spread out, time spent with our parents and especially our grandparents is becoming obsolete. For these reasons, collecting as a whole appears to be on a decline.

The hope is that with the return of a strong economy, discretionary income will return and people will once again be able to invest into their hobbies.  The Collector IS still out there, but they are just more select in what they buy because there is more supply right now, than there is demand.