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Why inventory my collection?

About collecting ...

We recommend taking the time to inventory your collection for many reasons:

(1) Keeping track for insurance purposes.
Maybe you never intend to sell your items, but it is still necessary to track and value your items for the purposes of insurance. Taking the time to know what items you have in case your home is involved in a tragedy, such as a flood or fire is a necessary thing to do. Many do not think that they will ever be a part of such a tragedy, but the reality is that less than 20% of collectors are properly insured and when faced with a tragedy, are forced to take far less than what they have invested in their collections. The tendency is to not only underestimate the number of items, but also the value of the items by more than 40%. We can help make sure that you and your insurance agent are fully aware of what you have, how much you paid and what it's worth today so that in the time of need, your collection is safe.

(2) Keeping track for the fun of it!
If you know what you have, you can then start making your lists for what you are missing and what you need! This service allows you the ability to mark items as "WANTED" so that when it's time to host that show so you can qualify for your free Hostess Appreciation basket, or if you need a list to take with you to Dresden to know in which accessories you are still in need, you can easily print your list of those items.

(3) Keeping track of your collection for your family.
Many collectors have expressed interest in being able to inventory their collection so that they can note now what items they would like to hand down to whom. It's a very responsible and necessary thing to do. Or perhaps you would like the ability to mark items as possible gifts for upcoming special occasions. You can easily do all of this through this application.

(4) Keeping track of values.
For those that have bought, and are still buying, for investment purposes, find it necessary to keep track of their items, as well as their original prices and current market values. If you are not aware of what your investment is doing, you will not be pleased with your overall investment. If you stay up on what you paid and what it's going for, you will not be disappointed or surprised. When to sell, when to buy ... it's all about keeping track and staying educated.